Friday, February 24, 2012

New Life in South Korea

I haven't posted on this blog in a while. I am going to use this one for my personal journey to spiritual, mental and physical health. The other blog will be more for the adventure of our whole family.

We arrived in Ulsan, South Korea about 4 weeks ago. Here we live in a foreigner's compound in a 3 bedroom, one bath apartment. It is not huge but any standard in America....but it is compared to what most Koreans live in. Most of the apartments available for the average "Joe" here is very a studio apartment.

My six year old is now in the Foreign School, right down the hill from our apartment. We walk there everyday. We also are right up the hill from the clubhouse. My husband has a car that is provided by his company. He takes it to work. And, I don't have an international driver's license, so I can't drive over here.

So, if I want to get anywhere, I have to walk. And, my two year old has to go with me. It is quite the challenge to get this 2 year old boy to walk at a steady pace. However, we seem to manage. I try to get in some walking every day. However, I get frustrated a lot since I have Micah in tow. He likes to stop every once and awhile....and collapses to his knees when he doesn't want to go any further.

I know things will get better as he gets older. I am going to start reading two books by a Christian couple named Phil and Amy Parham. They were on Season Six of the Biggest Loser. They have lost over 250 pounds together. Here is my first challenge....

1. Drink only water every day.
2. Always eat breakfast.
3. Move whenever you can.

The water....I got it. We have a great mineral water dispenser here at the apartment. When we run out of water, we just put the empty jug outside and a new bottle is replaced!

The breakfast is hard. Cereal is expensive, and I have not been able to find oatmeal yet. Well, I haven't looked for it yet. We go shopping on Monday, so I will look then. I will do eggs and bananas.

And, I can move! I have to walk everyday. I just have to work on doing some exercises here in the apartment. Going to the gym just won't work out right now. I could go early in the morning, but if our little one wakes up , and I'm not there....he goes ballistic! He will start preschool in the fall, so maybe I can go while he is in school during the morning.

So, join me in this journey. I will try to post according to what I am learning and achieving. I don't have scales or measuring tape here. Another item for the shopping list!

I can tell I have lost some weight already. I have hiked up a mountain, walked around a lake, trecked up and down hills, and made some major accomplishments.

This is just the beginning! Cannot wait to see what life holds for me at my ideal weight and being fit!

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