Thursday, March 15, 2012

Down Week

I definitely did not do well this week. I think it was mostly because I had my own 'pity party' going on. I have been frustrated with my 3 year old who seems to be hanging on to the terrible two's, the transition here in South Korea, and life in general. I have not been able to make a lot of friends here....not because people are not reaching out, but because I have to keep a constant eye on my youngest son. He will take off in a second! (Another reason I need to lose chase him??)

Well, all in all, I did not walk as much, did not watch what I ate, etc.

Then, God drew me to listen some to Beth Moore yesterday and Joyce Meyer today. I have been making this "plan" on how I was going to lose all this weight and have more energy and surprise people when I got back home.....

Whoa! There are too many "I's" in that paragraph......

I haven't turned to God about this. My time with God is not consistent at all. I am barely getting by during the day with what I need to do as a wife and mom. I have been living my plan, not God's.

I was reading in Proverbs today....since it is March 16th...I read Proverbs 16.

'Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.' Proverbs 16:3

Okay, God. I cannot do this by myself. I have tried year after year....and fail miserably.

I turn to You now, Lord. I can't do this without You. I will follow Your leading.

I know this....
- You do not want me to put anything in my body through my mouth that will not be good for me.
- You want me to move everyday.
- But, most importantly, You want me to spend time with You every morning and that I can discern how I need to be as a wife, mom, daughter, sister, cousin, niece, friend.

God, I know You've got this! Help me to just follow Your leading and watch it happen!!!
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