Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hair Color in South Korea

I thought I would just have to endure letting my roots grow out and let the gray do its thing. But, No! There is Barbie hair color!!!! (You think I am kidding? Check it out!)

This was the only blonde that I could find in Homeplus.

Yes, I was very nervous about this....looks like something you would get for a little girl's Barbie collection. However, I thought what do I have to lose???

Yeah....I got really nervous with the directions in Korean.....So, I relied on what I knew to do from home. And prayed I would get some similar color as those in the color chart! we go......

This was the result. I guess it is not so bad......not a professional job like back home...but it sure feels better.....and no more roots! Aaarrrgghhh!

Oh, and sorry about the toys in the background. Someone had his 3rd birthday this week.....and he is into all of them today! :)

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